05 August 2014

New Writing...

Via Gamasutra, I published two new articles on game Development in the last 6 months...

Reality Bytes : Pondering The Limits Of Realism
A meditation on the pros and cons of video game realism in all its forms, and why games don't need to aspire in that direction to be engaging, emotional, and interesting.

Digital Future, Invisible Past : What Lives On When A Good Game Dies
An investigation into the ephemeral nature of video games as a medium, and a novel theory about what our true legacy will be.

Also, just finished writing a play. Still need a title for it; the old one was stale.

08 March 2014

Baudelaire In Translation, Part I

Two poems by Charles Baudelaire, translated into free verse versions ... originals included below.
So often music transports me like an ocean!
Towards my pale star,
Beneath a ceiling of mist or in a vast ether,
I take to the sea.
My bosom pushed forward and my lungs inflated
Like canvas sails.
I ride the backs of amassing waves
Hidden by the night.
I feel within me all the vibrating passions
Of a trembling vessel;
The merciful wind, the tempest and its throes
On this open abyss,
Cradle me. Otherwise, stillness—a vast mirror
Of my despair.
— Kloé Rahilly & Darby McDevitt

La Musique
La musique souvent me prend comme une mer!
Vers ma pâle étoile,
Sous un plafond de brume ou dans un vaste éther,
Je mets à la voile;
La poitrine en avant et les poumons gonflés
Comme de la toile
J'escalade le dos des flots amoncelés
Que la nuit me voile;
Je sens vibrer en moi toutes les passions
D'un vaisseau qui souffre;
Le bon vent, la tempête et ses convulsions
Sur l'immense gouffre
Me bercent. D'autres fois, calme plat, grand miroir
De mon désespoir!
Charles Baudelaire