28 July 2011


This is a quick note to say that the book I have been working on for the past five years -- called Adventure -- is now FINISHED.

Buy it here.

What happens in Adventure?

A young boy, fed up with life under the constant scrutiny of his parents, sneaks from his bedroom into the wild and woolly world in search of a life of adventure and intrigue. Wayfaring far and wide, he makes his way to a town named Proscenium--a quiet, mid-sized metropolis build on a cliff at the edge of the known world. What lies beyond that hazy border is anybody's guess ... but our young boy is determined to discover it. A comic picaresque, served up in a surreal cloud of imagination and fading memory, Adventure is both a celebration and a parody of the well-worn coming-of-age novel.

Bonus Points: If you see any typos in the manuscript, do let me know. I'll hook you up with a free copy of the book if I manage to made a hardcover version.

Extra Bonus Points: If you are a visual artist, and happen to like the book, and would like to contribute visual media to accompany it, please contact me. Eventually I hope to publish Adventure with 20 to 30 illustrations, paintings, collages, etc. included with the text.

Triple Bonus - here is the opening paragraph:

"I was wide-awake when my adventure began, I hadn’t slept for days. Without saying goodbye, or goodnight, or feeling a twinge of remorse, I set out that first evening finally fearing nothing, emboldened by a hunger for newness. I was a boy still, more or less, and though there weren’t many good reasons to disobey my parents, I did it regardless. I steeled my will and disobeyed them casually, sneaking out into the world well past my bedtime. This wasn’t a rational decision—not in those days, when so much of my comfort was at stake—but it had to be made. Parents are in charge for too long before they give up, and I couldn’t wait the length of my youth for that miracle. It was midnight and my will was strong, and my opportunity ripe. It was time to begin the adventure."

Thank you for your kind attention. Enjoy.

Darby McDevitt

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