19 October 2011

Assassin's Creed Revelations: A Bibliography

If you happen to enjoy Assassin's Creed Revelations and would like to know more about the era, its people, and the city of Istanbul, these are a few of the books we used to bring our tale to life. Tread heavily, dear adventurer, for history is a muddy, murky place, and rewards only those with long and solid strides.

Osman's Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire, by Caroline Finkel

The Ottoman Centuries, by Lord Kinross

Istanbul: The Imperial City, by John Freely

History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, Vol. 1, by Stanford J. Shaw

Mission to Constantinople, by Liutprand of Crimona

The Turkish Empire: The Sultans, the Territory, and the People, by Rev. T. Milner.

History of the Ottoman Empire, by Edward Upham

History of the Byzantine Empire, George Finlay

The Fourth Part of The World, by Toby Lester

DK Eywitness Travel Guide: Istanbul, by Rose Baring

Some books from Turkey with loads of pictures that Mustapha brought back from Istanbul

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